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Enterprise Agility Foundations (I), Certified Change Consultant, provides immersive learning based on the neuroscience of

change, organizational exponential growth groundbreaking,

psychology, theories,

and concepts.

Certified Change Consultant

Day. 1
Introduction to Exponential Change, Technical Agility, and an always ready company and it's desired behaviours

Day. 2

Moving from classic change tactics to behavioural change tactics during high uncertainty. Foundations of Mental Agility and the science behind it.

Day. 3

The power of micro habits to build an always responsive company. Use of Canvas A5 to move from problems to hypothesis when there is a need for Change.

Day. 4
Aligning traditional organizations, increasing structural agility and the science behind accelerated change with the change journey pyramid

Day. 5
Understanding the impact of social agility and how to create practices that impact innovation and business value. Creating a powerful Change Plan

Day. 6
Q & A sessions and exam to become a Certified Change Consultant in Enterprise Agility

Course Duration
17 Hours
5 Days - 3 Hours each session


Certified Leadership For Teams

Our Leadership For Teams Program is based on the "M" leadership Framework for Enterprise Agility. "M" Is not an evolution, but a revolution for leadership that enables individuals to build an organization that is aways ready, always responsive and always innovative. 

Day. 1
On the first day, Learn what accelerated change is, how neuro exponential profiles can help you, and how to lead during high uncertainty.

Day. 2

Understands how to lead others, what collective capabilities are, and how to understand how to influence people with different adoption of change.

At the end of the day, we will practice the Lighthouse Model for Situational Intellectual Humility and explain how and where you can use it. Lighthouse is the first and only framework in the world to increase Intellectual Humility.

Day. 3
Start using the new techniques to perceive changes in the market (sensing) and help your team make better decisions

Day. 4
Learn about how the "Empowering" model works in influencing companies or teams even when you feel powerless

At the end of the day, you will know more about assessing capabilities to ensure the right skills are in place for change


Course Duration
9 Hours

2 Days - 3 Hours each session

During the training, you will work in pairs with another Change Consultant, this will help you maximize your learnings and test our practical tools

This course requires an additional day for the exam. The date is set at the end of the course

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