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With the recent market disruptions, a shortage of jobs and an increase in candidates, the job market has become more competitive. At BriteSparrow, we help you gain a competitive edge by providing you with the best in class Enterprise courses so that you do not loose out on job opportunities. Unlike any courses you have seen in the market, ours have been carefully curated with neuroscience and supports exponential change that comes from such market disruptions. You don't only leave with subject matter knowledge but with the latest and groundbreaking models from industry thought leaders and scientists. 

Mainly Virtual/Online Certifications
Options Available For Large Groups Onsite

We Provide Industry Accredited Professional Courses That Will Help You Take Your Career To The Next Level

In-Demand Jobs in IT Suggests:

  • 96% of HR managers use IT certifications as screening or hiring criteria during recruitment

  • 66% of IT managers use IT certifications to distinguish between equally qualified candidates

  • 72% of IT managers require an IT certification for certain job roles

  • 60% of IT managers use IT certifications to gauge a candidate’s expertise

Partners & Certifications


Industry Expertise

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Great Things Can Happen, With The Right Credentials

We at Britesparrow believe in empowering our participants with Industry specific knowledge through professional certifications and continued learning solutions so that they can build a stronger career and live a more fulfilled life.

Where Learning & Neuroscience Converge  


What We Offer
Mainly Virtual/Online Certifications
Options Available For Larger Groups Onsite

Certifications in high demand areas of Enterprise Information Technology such as Organizational Change, Leadership Development, Project Training and Project Management.

Certified Enterprise Agile Change Consultant

Who should take this course:

Agile Coaches, Consultants, HR, Scrum Masters or anyone who wants to accelerate change in their company

World-class training that prepares you to be comfortable with companies that are exposed to constant change. It teaches you new models that go beyond Agile, Business Agility and Scrum.


With 15 hours of actual training (excluding breaks), it allows you to take organizations to a new level. 5 days, Plus 1 hour on Q&A and 1 hour for the Exam

You will receive 16 points to renew your certification with Scrum Alliance or PMI

Certified Enterprise Agility Leadership For Teams

Who should take this course:

Executives, CEO's, Leaders, Managers, HR, Team Members.


World-class training will enable you to learn the foundations and practices of the new leadership. Based on the M-Leadership framework, you’ll learn how to sense markets, lead people in highly variable environments, and increase the success of your products.


With 9 hours of actual training (excluding breaks), it allows you to take organizations to a new level. 4 days, 1.5 hours per day plus 1 day for 45 minutes Exam

You will receive 9 Points to renew your certification with Scrum Alliance or PMI 


Certified Enterprise DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) 


Who should take this course:

Senior Leaders, Managers, HR, Team Members, Agile Coaches, Consultants.

World-class Certified Enterprise DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) Course based on the Arrow Diversity Model is a community-open framework for increasing and maintaining high levels of equality, diversity, and neurodiversity in organizations facing high uncertainty and exponential change

This course is 15 hours of actual learning, to enable a lasting and impactful transformation of Agile Project Training practices associated with managing learning and development on Agile Projects

You will receive 14 Points to renew your certification with Scrum Alliance or PMI 

Certified Project Management Foundational


Who should take this course:

Aspiring to become a Project Managers in Agile or Waterfall, Product Managers, or IT, Project Change Consultants and anyone on a 

Project team. Foundation course focuses on the highlights of the PMP certification, as well as summary level subject matter and key points pertaining to the PMP Domains and Knowledge Areas. 

The material in this course is designed to be used as an overview of the PMP certification; complementary to live class instruction; or as a refresher course for existing credential holders.


This is not an PMP exam prep course. This course qualifies you for 75 hours of Project Management Education

Built for Enterprise Professionals And Individual Learners

Who should take these courses:

CEO's, Executive Leadership, Senior Managers

People who want a career as a Project Manager

People who want a career as a Change Manager o

People who want a career in HR DEI roles (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)

People who are on Enterprise Project Management Teams 

People who want to understand what is Agile and how it is used

People who are looking to upgrade their skill level in a company.

People in HR who would like to move into DEI

(Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) specific roles or positions

All HR Professionals

We do corporate group training as well as individual learners on a weekly and monthly basis. For Corporate rates please connect with us through email. For Individual participants please check the course schedule and dates.

What Our Clients Say

Actionable Knowledge
The Approach of EAU is very important to understand the changes in Agile organizations. It provides very valuable elements to think system solutions in complex envorinemnts. In particular, the fundamentals related to mental agility and social agility. They allow better understand the stimuli that build the culture and to challenge the them.  They certainly help in building anti fragile organizations.

Ernesto Corona



A Game Changer
I cannot believe how much I learnt from Enterprise Agility Foundational Course as (Certified Change Consultant) Training. I am working as a Change Manager on a large Agile Transformation and finally everything is starting to connect for me. Understanding how an organization can deliver value quickly while ensuring core elements of organizational health are not neglected, will be a large part of our sustaining model.

Rachel Peterson


Transformational Change Manager

Solid Foundations
Enterprise Agility presents us with both the challenge and the opportunity to do things differently, with the first step bing to broaden our own perspective. With EAU models, I was able to do this and look at organizations in a holistic and organic way to make an approach with the red intention of transforming them. Not only did it reinforce this view but it also gave me a concrete and simple technique that I could use immediately.

Andrea Mino

BA. Psychology, Agile Coach


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